About Me.

I'm originally from England and took up art when my children were small.  I gained a diploma in Art and Design from South Trafford College.  When I moved to the USA I earned a degree in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. 

Animals were my first love.  Growing up we had lots of pets. Often we had three of everything, as I have a brother and sister and we each wanted our own hamster, rabbit, mouse or whatever.  I love to draw and paint animals, and creating pet portraits is one of the most satisfying occupations for me. 

I have been a member of the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society since I moved to the bay area in 1994.  I can be found painting en plein air most weeks, recording the natural and historic sights of the Silicon Valley area.


Contact me:

Email: sylviawaddellart@gmail.com

Tel: 408-341-5444