Engine 215, History San Jose Park
Old Chimney, Almaden Quicksilver Park
Drystone Wall, Dartmoor
Mo's View
Kitchen corner
Mt McGloughlin, Lake of the Woods, Oregon
Anna Cook's Garden
Fire Fighting Exercises, Moffett Field
Vina Castellano Winery, Auburn CA
river hill organic farm
Nola's Iris Garden, San Jose, CA
Water Tower, New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum
Campbell's signature water tower, South 1st St
Portola Vineyards, Reflections
Anna's Garden
Japanese Friendship Garden, San Jose
Gesture paintings - Geese
Pichetti Hike and Sketch 1
Moffett Field
Pumpkins at Ardenwood
Winchester Mystery House, Door to Nowhere
Windows, Winchester Mystery House
Ford Truck, History San Jose Park
Mary Knoll Seminary
Mary Knoll Seminary
Oracle Buildings, Redwood Shores
Kirk Farrington House, San Jose
Tree Peony, Kirk Farrington House, San Jose
Pichetti Hike and Sketch 2
Martins Beach, Half Moon Bay
Oak Tree, Martial Cottle Park, San Jose
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